June 21st, 2010


New Jason Momoa picture, Richard Dean Anderson 'un-retires" and RC Cooper departs SGU

But first, a new official photo of Jason Momoa from the Conan movie at http://www.bscreview.com/2010/06/conan-a-wrap-and-momoa-as-conan-pic/. It's at several other sites too, including the main studio site http://nuboyanafilm.com/news/read/234. Bigger photo at those links.

Official PR photo

Although I"m not into barbarian sword-and-sorcery type flicks, I will check out the Conan movie to see Jason. I mean, it was a hoot to see David Hewlett up on the big screen in SPLICE. Now to see Joe Flanigan on the big screen, and Rachel Luttrell. Heck, I want to see her on the small screen too!

...................Then today the site Fancast - http://bit.ly/ad4nnv - reported that Richard Dean Anderson, who had retired from acting, has un-retired and will be doing a recurring role or something similar on the USA Network series Facing Kate. A quote..."Anderson’s ‘Facing Kate’ role is that of David Smith, a charismatic but secretive man who enters Kate’s life shortly after the death of her father. In short order, it is revealed that David has deeper connections to the Reed family." More at link above. It'll be interesting to see how it fares with RDA on it, but then USA has been putting out some pretty decent fare.

.............................Last, Joe Mallozzi reports on his blog at http://josephmallozzi.wordpress.com/2010/06/19/june-19-2010-the-farewell-tour-back-on-top-janinas-new-music-vid/ that Robert C Cooper is departing Stargate Universe. It's been hashed about on various blogs, live journals, etc. To me, it's not much of a surprise as most people do not last that long on a series. They move on to keep the creative juices flowing. I'm not sure how it will impact SGU, but since the show is in the "eh, it's okay and I'll keep watching in hopes it will get better", it doesn't bother me much. However, I can't help but think, wow, why couldn't he have scripted "Vegas" before season 5, to open the doors, so to speak, on good AU stuff like that. Oh well.