July 6th, 2010

McKay-this is cool

Ah hah! Think I figured out David Hewlett's new movie!

Some hints from Twitter from David Hewlett:

dhewlett: Day one on my latest primate movie ;-) Currently holding the key to a great performance: coffee and the ubiquitous breakfast burrito!

Well, that's enough data. I toodled on over to the British Columbia film commission website to see what was being filmed in Vancouver - http://www.bcfilmcommission.com/about_us/film_list.php - and saw this:

TCF Vancouver Productions Ltd.
Director: Rupert WyattExec. Producer(s): Thomas Hammel
Producer: Peter Chernin, Dylan Clark
DOP: Andrew Lesnie
PD: Claude Pare
PM: Wendy Williams
PC: Patricia Foster
LM: Catou Kearney
SPFX Coord: Tony Lazarowich
Casting: Mayrs/Brandstatter
Extras: Andrea Brown
Production Address: 2880 Underhill Ave.
Production City: Burnaby
Postal: V5A 3C5
Sched: Jul 05/10 - Sep 17/10

So, I'm guessing he's working on that. It's the only movie mentioned with 'primates' in it, it's probably considered big. Not much on IMDB yet (James Franco and Don Cheadle in cast and they just cast someone for the lead primate).

I hope his character fares better than his character in SPLICE! ;)