July 14th, 2010


Stargate Atlantis novel updates

News on the Fandemonium site on the Stargate Atlantis "Legacy" series - http://www.stargatenovels.com/index.shtml.

In a series of six novels set after STARGATE ATLANTIS' final season, the groundbreaking STARGATE ATLANTIS Legacy series from Fandemonium Books sees Atlantis return to the Pegasus Galaxy. There they must take on Queen Death, a new and deadly leader of the Wraith, who has her eyes firmly fixed on Earth.


Book 1: Homecoming - October 2010
Book 2: The Lost - February 2011
Book 3: Allegiance - June 2011
Book 4: Avengers - October 2011
Book 5: The Secret - Spring 2012
Book 6: The Inheritors - Summer 2012

Full details at link above. Man, gonna take a while to get them all, but if they're good...and as they should, they're returning to the Pegasus Galaxy. Yes!!!