July 31st, 2010

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SGA Twitters

Just various bits from Twitter, etc.

For those who were watching SyFy last night, you saw that Kavan Smith has taken over the role of Deputy Andy. Although he got scorched, he did survive the episode, so we can hope for more appearances. Meanwhile, you can find a bunch of nice screencaps at http://fu-dragon.livejournal.com/9382.html


Rachell Luttrell posted on twitter today:
@rachel_Luttrell  Saw sweet Torri yesterday at an audition for a new TV series. (Ah, the life of an actor.) She looked beautiful as ever.

So, looks like both Rachel and Torri Higginson were at same audition. Fingers crossed for both of them!


David Hewlett ... @dhewlett   Never have so many children been hurled so high into the air so many times by so few. I'll sleep well tonight, and dream of chiropractors.

He's busy, doing some rework on the "Rise of the Apes" movie as well. Plus, I think he and Joe Flanigan will be tweeting back and forth, hopefully in the public venue so we fans can be amused ;)


And Joe Flanigan hasn't posted a lot on Twitter, but he's at ___ followers (pretty good for 48 hours online). One of the folks he follows is film producer @adriansturges  who tweeted #FF @JoeFlanigan US acting rockstar currently wowing us in Dublin, @cigsandredvines, @bakermathew, @tomharps

So it appears Joe is in Ireland to do a film, or is interested in one there. The IFTN site at http://www.iftn.ie/production/in_production/ doesn't list names of cast - darn - so it's a matter of hoping someone will drop more hints and we fans can ferrett out the production.

And Rainbow Sun Francks, @Snywhip on twitter, tweeted: "Waiting to hear back on a few auditions now. This is the worst part of acting by far... " One of the show he auditioned for is a scifi show for Fox.