August 12th, 2010

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Stargate Atlantis actor news

Posted this on twitter, but anyway…


A nice selection of photos from Kate Hewlett’s new play, "THE SWEARING JAR," which begins in NYC in limited run on August 14th. You can find ticket info and more at I saw one of her plays in NYC last year and it was great! A friend and I have plans to go in the week after next.


Jason Momoa has pulled out of the Chicago Creation con in August. They posted “August 11, 2010: We have been advised by Jason Momoa's convention rep that due to work commitments he is unfortunately unable to make his contracted appearance with us at the convention. We wish Jason well and hope to have him join us the next time around. Those with separate Jason autograph tickets and/or photo ops can use these tickets as "cash" towards additional tickets, photo ops or Creation merchandise at the convention. Kindly bring your unused PDF tickets to registration (when there is no line) for a credit voucher. THANKS!


I have to say that at the moment, I’m not sure what Jason is doing that he can’t appear. Oh well, not like I’m there. But a virtual ‘darn’ for those who are going who will miss him, but it is better that the actors get steady work …


For those who don’t know, David Nykl was also interviewed at Martin Firrell’s site at . And Ben Browder, and of course, Joe Flanigan. Now if they can add David Hewlett to the mix….


Joe Flanigan is still tweeting, one here, one there. Alas, the production folk on "The Other Side" have put down the kabash on ‘location’ photos that actors have put up. If it goes up on twitter, poof, it doesn’t last long, unless of course it has nothing to do with being onset, I guess. Hopefully when the movie premieres they’ll put up photos. In looking at tweets by the junior actors on the movie, there's about a week or so left of filming.


Paul McGillion’s 13-minute short film, "A Fine Young Man," was selected as one of 40 films to be featured in the Short Cuts Canada Lineup this year. “The film is set in 1962, in the middle of the Cold War. With the fear of nuclear attack a constant worry, the United States is trying to beat Russia to the punch. As the short teaser puts it "(t)hey've been looking for someone like Pete. Someone honest, upstanding and true. Someone they can put their faith in." But Pete may not be as squeaky clean as one might think.”  More at


And alas, we still have to suck David Nykl, Kavan Smith, Paul McGillion and Torri Higginson to the dark side of Twitter. One day… <evil cackle>


Oh, and don’t forget to tune into Friday’s (August 13th) EUREKA on SyFy .Kavan Smith now has the role of Deputy Andy, the robotic law enforcement officer.

Last but not least, David Hewlett is busy star gazing (Perseids meteor shower), snarking about @JoeFlanigan on twitter ("Oh, I'm getting all the @joeflanigan I need thank you very much ;-)   He also said that he will be filming an episode of Stargate Universe in September, but not sure when it will air. and.... "Definitely DragonCon photo ops in the works... maybe even with a little sister along for the ride too!" so maybe Kate Hewlett will be down there. (Curse that lotto ticket that didn't win me even one dollar!)

NOTE: Just found out from @Tanith0709 on Twitter that Robert Picardo is in same SGU episode, the 15th, called "Seizure."

And if you didn't know it, Rainbow Sun Francks tweets as @Snywhip. :)