September 1st, 2010


New interview with Jason Momoa at


Is Dex The Sex? Jason Momoa talks Stargate Atlantis

News Tuesday, August 31 by Captain

Jason Momoa, as Ronon Dex on Stargate: Atlantis, is a man of few words.

Very few words.

His bemuscled charm brought a brute strength to the series that has since seen him gone on to tackle Conan: The Barbarian.

With Season 4 of Stargate Atlantis hotting up with the upcoming 'Midway', which features the awesome team up of Ronon Dex with SG-1's Teal'c, we thought it only fit and proper to post an interview with the man behind the muscles.

He's a man full of surprises, including a heartfelt love for Australia.


Full interview at


joe flanigan, the other side

2 New photos from Joe Flanigan's THE OTHER SIDE movie for SyFy

Two new promotional photos posted by @joeFlanigan and @Chrissymacc on the SyFy movie THE OTHER SIDE. I'm sure they're posted ALL over the web, but one can't be too careful so am reposting, just in case ;)

Joe Flanigan, The Other Side

JoeFlanigan: What do you mean you left my scotch in the other dimension?

Chris Newman, Joe Flanigan, Yare Jegbefume

Chrissymacc: - Me, Joe Flanigan and Yare doing our thing on the set of The Otherside