September 9th, 2010

joe flanigan, the other side

Joe Flanigan - The Other Side - a couple new photos

Because you never know, gerbils could chew the wires and meltdown the servers holding photos, etc. for "The Other Side" at that they should be duplicated elsewhere, just in case. Besides, there's no such thing as a bad photo of Joe Flanigan, at least not that I've seen! So here are a couple...

Joe Flanigan
Our hero, Colonel Sam Synn... Oh, I keep wondering who devises these names.  When I see Synn, I think Simms and think of Sims and that create your own world thing, which I think has been replaced by Farmville on Facebook.

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Rundown of Stargate Atlantis Actors (September 4-9, 2010)

I'm posting this a day early because I plan to come home tomorrow night, spend a couple hours hacking up a bush, then watch Eureka and Flashpoint and conk out ;)

So, here is the weekly report on what the Stargate Atlantis actors are up to.... Under cut due to size.

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