September 16th, 2010

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Update on Stargate Atlantis novels

Author Jo Graham talks about John Sheppard at her LJ … “John Sheppard is a pile of contradictions -- awkward and decisive, loyal and independent, connected and alienated. He's fascinating. He's also the main character, the first one in the credits, the main viewpoint character of the series.”


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I can't wait for this Legacy series. It sounds like we'll get some nice meaty indepth characterization!! is the blog of Meg Burden, who is co-writing the Stargate: Atlantis Legacy series.


And, another co-author of the Legacy series.


Meanwhile, upcoming books, with due dates plucked from and Amazon:


Legacy Series by Jo Graham and Amy Griswold

Book 1: Homecoming (Oct 2010)

Book 2: The Lost (Feb 2011)

Book 3: Allegiance (Jun 2011)

Book 4: Avengers (Oct 2011)

Book 5: The Secret (Spring 2012)

Book 6: The Inheritors (Summer 2012)


Meanwhile, it’s sorta hard to keep track of the numbers of the stand-alone novels…


SGA-15: Death Game (by Jo Graham)  (09/16/2010) (oh wait, that's TODAY! OMG, must order from Amazon as local stores never have them)

SGA-14: ???

SGA-13: Brimstone (by David Niall Wilson)  (09/2010) – I don’t think this book it out yet, although Amazon has odd “we don’t know when it will be back in stock” notice. I don’t recall it being for sale!

Correction: #14 is "Hunt and Run". Amazon's numbering system is off and *smacks self* should have dug books off the shelf to verify. Thx to those who did just that ;)