November 18th, 2010


Very bad news

My poor dog, nicknamed Frankenpooch, got through the eye surgery fine. It was healing just great. Then Rory started feeling poorly, being lethargic. Last night, his breathing was just not good, and when I touched his side, he yelped, so first thing this morning I took him to the vet. I had to leave him there, and the vet called me in the afternoon.

I had thought at first, something awful happened to his stomach or esophagus from the doxycycline, or it was a liver or kidney thing.

Unfortunately the vet told me that they x-rayed his chest, as when they listened, it was 'murky,' Now up until a week ago, besides not liking the antibiotic and such, he'd been fine. But.... the breathing problem was caused by fluid buildup around the lungs, in turn caused by a whole bunch of tumors. His lungs are full of cancer. There was never any indication, and the last time he'd been x-rayed he'd been fine, that he had any kind of cancer.

The news was simply devastating. I sat at my desk and cried, then left early. I won't go to work tomorrow becuase for all I know that could be his last full day with us. The vet said they coudl aspirate the fluid, but... it's painful, it has risks, and it will come back. We would just be prolonging the inevitable. He's now on steroids which will help inflammation, pain, etc., and lasix(sp?) to drain the fluids, but... it's possible he could have a couple weeks, or a week, but I'm thinking maybe more like days.

It's just horrible. He's been such a wonderful dog, despite chewing up my underwear, eating a hole in the floor, bringing ticks in the house and shedding nonstop... It's horrible now, and will be worse when we finally must take him to vet to let him go. I did that with my cat many years ago and had hoped I'd never have to do that again :(  And now his one eye will never grow out the fur, so he'd look at me with that wink. He would have been rather handsome, even with only one eye...