November 20th, 2010

Shep-oh crap

Joe Flanigan fights off SPORE

Snerched from, with big thanks to nakedwesley  for posting about this!

Edenfilms is delighted to announce that Joe Flanigan (Stargate Atlantis) has accepted the lead role in the new comdey horror film, S P O R E, shooting commencing Easter 2011
 Starring: Joe Flanigan
 Executive Producer: Stephanie Pettigrew
 Producer: David Burns
 Written by Henry DC Williams & Michael Hall

When a ravenous shape-shifting alien crash lands in the heart of bland British suburbia and proceeds to crash the house warming party of anglophile Bobby and his Blue Peter wife, Sue, it proves there’s more than one way of getting rid of unwanted guests.

This sounds fun. I mean, go to the main website and look at the mock poster. Sheer 50s fun! Glad he's doing something lighthearted as most scifi films end up with gloom and doom these days!