December 22nd, 2010

shep B&W

And Rory is back...

I got his ashes back last week. I wanted him to lose weight, but this is ridiculous! ;) He's in a little tin. I'm still trying to decide on his final resting place (as in what kind of box). I keep thinking 'cookie jar' since he liked those so much.

And although he's been gone for weeks now, dog fur is still attaching to me. It's everywhere, despite vacuuming. It's in the car. There's still dog 'snobber' on the rear driver's side window, and eh, I'll clean that off in the Spring when it's warm enough to do it. I still think during the day, usually at night, something I must do, which is put the dog out.

I remember when our last dog died over a decade ago, the squirrel always came to the back door. We'd named him Little Buddy as every single morning, without fail, I'd come downstairs and there'd be a THUNK on the door and I'd open the door and the squirrel was clinging to the screen door (yes, she eventually ruined the window). And then I'd open the door, she'd drop and the dog would chase  her. This went on for years. When the dog got toward the end, I was sitting outside with him, with a blanket over him and the squirrel walked right up to him and sniffed him and wanted the dog to chase her. After he died, Little Buddy still came to the door but then realized the dog was gone, and soon, Little Buddy was gone, as the Mafia Squirrels, as I'd named them (they'd gotten 'tarred' on face and feet from neighbor's gunk on trees) moved in. Too much competition.

Rory didnt' have a little buddy, but he always launched out the back door and bark and the squirrels would fly off the bird feeder, and he'd run over and BITE the gutter drain. All the paint is off and now it's nostalgic. And other remnants are... chewed furniture from his puppy days, a hole in basement tile (yes, he chewed through the floor!), dog nose spots on wood floor. I put away his leash and brushes (except one, which the cat likes). I'm tossing his remaining special dog diet food out to the wild critters since it's so cold. Will check to see if they eat it tomorrow.

I'd like another dog, but that will take time and as much as puppies are cute, I don't think I have energy or time (unless I win powerball and don't have to work!) I hope to adopt a dog, a Sheltie or border collie. After watching other dogs over the last week, have realized how much I love Shelties, despite all their fur.

The cat still runs around the house and screams, for him, or maybe for me to feed him NOW. Hard to tell, but he realizes Rory is gone now.