December 26th, 2010


As the Stargate Turns, or the future of the franchise

I couldn’t help but just shake my head and sigh when a tweet popped up about Stargate Universe being cancelled. I wasn’t really shocked, or surprised, well, maybe just a tad bit surprised because SGU had been SyFy’s golden child but then again, the way they shifted it on the timeslot, ignored advertising, etc. did not bode well.

So while SyFy ramped up the advertising for the new golden child, Being Human, SGU got the axe with the how-dumb-do-they-think-the-audience-is explanation of “we’re not making any more episodes.” CANCELLED! An esx-show! Dead as a doorknob, etc.

This reminds me soooo much of when Stargate Atlantis got the axe. However, SyFy seems to be refining how badly they do cancellations by letting some of the cast/crew find out via internet sources ( and/or Twitter, etc.). At least the SGA cast got the notice on set (as a I recall) and didn’t MGM tell the SG1 cast ‘adios’ at the 200th episode party?? Pfft.

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