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I woke up early only to check on the interminable anti-virus program to see if it worked this time and it did, only to open up the new to find out that Steve Irwin, the 'Crocodile Hunter,' met an untimely death vi a stingray barb t o the chest.

It's sad. I feel sorry for his family. I've seen a lot of idiotic posts on his death already (where DO these people come from??) but found this interesting article on stingrays and accidents. Apparently death by stingray to the chest is very rare (most people get nailed in the foot - I remember being told as a kid to shuffle feet when you went into the ocean so you'd avoid getting stung).


for those interested.

I've actually petted one of these creatures at a local acquarium (they'd been 'debarbed' for safety, if I recall correctly). They're very gentle unless you agitate them (corner them, etc.).
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