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 Well, thunderstorms blew through last night, although it didn't suck away the humidity, sigh, but it is ten degrees cooler so we're only in the upper 80s now. 

Alas, took dog out for walk and the coyotes nailed ANOTHER deer! Not sure where, but when I went down to the road the dog went across to the neighbor's yard and I spotted something.... eeeeuuuu, baby bambi leg!  The blasted coyotes ate a fawn! EUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. Adult deers, I can understand but little itty bitty deers. Ack. This is why I rarely watch Animal Planet. The babies are always getting eaten when I turn on the tube. 

I added the teeny leg to the bone stack in the back, noting that in the last day or two, one of Zombie Bambi's legs has walked off. Hate to say, but about time. The fur was still on it and the original attack was in March!

This is why the dog does NOT go out at night alone...
Tags: zombie bambi
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