wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Reality TV ... the Devil's Spawn

Disclaimer: If you think reality TV is the next best thing to Cheese Whiz, move along, this entry is not for you.

I decided since well, all that was being offered tonight was reality TV, to check out some.

Deal or No Deal. I think they classify all game shows as reality now. Five minutes of people screaming at the top of their lungs sent me switching the channel to, So You Think You Can Dance. Hmm, a Simon Cowell clone is a judge. Gads, the commercials. They are endless.  Show is back. Wait forever with people yakking about each other and their feet, whatever. Where's the dancing? CLICK!  Wife Swap. Aieeee! Wow, the days of the Roman circus are back. However, it's better than any reality show that Paris Hilton shows up in. I guess America's Top Model does nothing for me. CLICK. Oh wait, Celebrity Circus is on, but wait, I have DVDs, oh wait, Criminal Minds. Haven't seen all of them. Serial killers or actors I don't know being judged cruellyl in a circus show. Serial killers win. At least the acting is good.

Deduction: to join any of these shows, you must have the capability to scream rather shrilly. I hate to say it, but I can't even watch Meerkat Manor, although I adore the critters. Trouble is that it's reality (to a degree) and I swear, any time I turn on the Animal Planet, a cute little critter dies. Usually horribly. Gah, get enough of that in real life. What's really weird is that many many years ago, my fifth grade history teacher actually predicted this drivel. And none of the reality shows are real. Survivor and its ilk are all scripted to a degree, although the one I saw  (back when it began) totally turned me off due to the sheer vitriol from the people. I mean, how do these people go back to a job after they've acted so... horridly? 

Now, shows on TLC and Discovery, in particular the medical ones which I can no longer find because the *(#@*! cable people have divvied it up into another channel which of course they don't offer (sorry, rant over) are great. I will watch some of the Food Channel shows - the ones where, say, they go to a town and give the tour of specific diners and their horribly artery-clogging foods which of course you'd eat in a flash if it was stuck in front of you ;)  Or watching how they make candy, or donuts, etc. Yum.  But the cooking cook-offs, eh, don't do anything for me.

Ack, see, see, I turn on animal planet and the cheetahs eat the poor little gazelle thing (which is sorta what happened with baby bambi in the yard last week).

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