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Teddy bear drives off cliff. News at eleven!

 Just a round-up of odd bits of news for the day (so at least you can say you learned something today ;) And yes, there's a very weird teddy bear story beneath the cut ;)


Full articles at links provided.


In Russia, it rains cement


June 18 2008 - MOSCOW (Reuters) - Russian air force planes dropped a 25-kg (55-lb) sack of cement on a suburban Moscow home last week while seeding clouds to prevent rain from spoiling a holiday, Russian media said on Tuesday. "A pack of cement used in creating ... good weather in the capital region ... failed to pulverize completely at high altitude and fell on the roof of a house, making a hole about 80-100 cm (2.5-3 ft)," police in Naro-Fominsk told agency RIA-Novosti.


Could you imagine one of these in a puddlejumper, telling Rodney he couldn’t fly in a straight line? How long before its head got ripped off? ;)


June 18 2008 - In-car navigation systems with nagging voices  have officially gone too far. IXs Research has developed a talking robotic teddy bear that not only gives you directions, it'll tell you when you've had too much to drink.  The prototype navi-bear features an alcohol-detection sensor embedded in its neck. If it catches a whiff of the one you had for the road, it'll ask, "You haven't been drinking, have you?" Accelerate too hard or brake too quickly and it yells, "Watch out!"  That would be enough to warrant tossing navi-bear straight out the window, but it's got one thing going for it -- not only does it tell you how to get where you're going, it points the way. … The prototype has six joints in its arms and neck so it can point the way and make gestures while giving you directions and screaming things like "Watch out!" Pat it on the head and it'll tell you where you are…. KumoTek says the bear will be available in Japan soon…


Your donuts are polluting the Earth…


June 18 2008 - Man fuming over drive-through pollution

By his calculation, which was based on a formula used by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the cars lined up at Markham's [Tim Horton’s] 29 drive-through establishments uselessly burn 435,185 litres of gasoline a year. That's enough to let an average car circle the globe 85 times.

Wow, now imagine tallying up every Mickey D’s, Burger King, etc. etc. across the globe.


Something’s afoot (pardon the bad pun)

Another severed foot washes up on B.C. shore


Article is self-explanatory. It’s hard to imagine this, and hopefully it is just, well, a plane crash finally disgorging its contents, but trying to figure out. … why just feet?


Great, soon I’ll have ocean front property (never mind I’m many many miles from said ocean)


Scientific sleuths find seas warming, rising faster

SINGAPORE (Reuters) - Scientific detective work has uncovered a decades-old glitch in ocean temperature measurements and revealed that the world's seas are warming and rising faster than previously reported.


Whoa, neat critters!


The Bronx Zoo's 'Madagascar!' goes into the wild - check out the 'red tomato frogs'


Fantastic idea! It should be nationwide! I wish they’d do it in my state!


US speeders slapped with fuel surcharges on top of fines

WASHINGTON (AFP) - Some cash-strapped US municipalities are resorting to slapping fuel surcharges onto tickets issued to speeding drivers in order to fill dwindling city coffers hit hard by skyrocketing gas prices.

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