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4th of July with the Stargate Atlantis guys

Yup, Sheppard and Rodney are dragooned into the celebrations!


Sheppard and McKay find themselves invited to a July 4th festivity.
Sheppard: "Wow, look at the size of those strawberries."
McKay: "Is that real whipped cream or that fake stuff?

Sheppard: "You just had to ask, didn't you?"
McKay: "Feels... like... RediWhip."
Sheppard: "Hey, you've got more coverage on your head now."
McKay: "I'm am not follicularly-challenged!"

And Sheppard discovers he's not been invited to lunch, he IS the lunch. Oh wait, wrong LJ entry *cough* Back to the July 4th festivities...

McKay: "What's wrong with you?"
Sheppard: "Just had this really disturbing vision. Nah, no, this LJ is rated PG. Hey, what are we sitting on?"
McKay: "ARGH! High explosives!"

McKay: "Hey, I was sitting at home minding my own business reading Quantum Physics for Geeks when I was abducted to be burned at the stake!"
Sheppard: "It's called July 4th and, darn, we're nowhere near a barbecue, although I can smell the burgers cooking...."

McKay: "I already celebrated Canada Day."
Sheppard: "Huh?"
McKay: "Argh. You never listen."
Sheppard: "Wish I had a marshmallow right about now. Ever burn 'em till they turn to molten goo and drop off the stick into the fire?"
McKay: "You're twisted."

Sheppard: "Ha, your sparkler is burning out."
McKay: "No-no-no. You're cheating. They gave me a two-year old dud sparkler!"

Sheppard: "I win!"
McKay: "You're so immature."

Yeah, the action figures got buried in the dirt, stuck with two-year old sparklers and generally abused ;)

Tags: action figures, parody, stargate atlantis
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