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And the Stargate Atlantis interviews are hitting the press...

Apparently the studios did a press conference of some sort, judging from the interviews popping up here and there.

First, there's a great print interview with Rachel Luttrell:

Slice of SciFi Interview with Rachel Luttrell

Posted by Sam on Sunday, 6 Jul 2008




In April 2007 we were privileged to have “Stargate: Atlantis” star Rachel Luttrell as our special guest for the online and XM-Satellite Radio Slice of SciFi Show. We had such a good time that we asked Rachel if she would come back to Slice of SciFi sometime in the future.

Since that time Rachel has given birth to a beautiful son; while on the show, her character Teyla also gave birth.

With Season Five getting ready to return this Friday (July 11) we asked our roving reporter, Linda Craddock, to visit with Rachel while she was on the set of ‘Atlantis’ in Vancouver. What resulted was this great fun interview.

REST AT LINK ABOVE, and Paul McGillion, too! Mini-transcript beneath the cut.

Slice of SciFi Interview With Paul McGillion

Posted by Sam on Monday, 7 Jul 2008





Linda Craddock, our Slice of SciFi roving reporter, was able to get a few minutes with the very busy and always fun guy, Paul McGillion and talk with him about his return to “Stargate: Atlantis” as every fan’s favorite character Dr. Carson Beckett once season five premieres this Friday, July 11 on the SCI FI Channel.

Paul was also able to tell us a little (a very, very little) about his role in the upcoming J.J. Abrams Star Trek film due out this coming May 2009.

Sit back and enjoy this exciting conversation with one of our favorite actors, Paul McGillion.

[NOTE: This interview can only be downloaded for listening from the SoSF Website]



Here are some tidbits from this interview, which lasted approximately 10 minutes. There were some tiny spoilers on “Whispers,” which I left out.


Paul explains that he’s back for at least five episode (#2 – The Seed) and is shooting his third episode of the five right now. “The Seed” is the ‘dethawing of Beckett.” The second episode is “Whispers,” a horror episode. “Basically Sheppard and Beckett and a female SG-1 team the whole episode…” McKay is in it briefly. He’s shooting “The Outsiders” (all three have been directed by Will Waring). It’s a heavy McKay-Beckett episode.  He thinks the fans will enjoy the way Beckett comes back.


Mallozzi called Paul back to explain the storyline to bring back Beckett and was “very keen” on it and it was open to come back more.


Will there be any dark behavior on Beckett’s part due to Michael’s influence?

“It’s good ole Beckett that’s back,” said Paul.


Any idea of what is in store for Beckett in the second half of season 5?

He doesn’t know. Hiatus starts in two days. He hopes he’ll be in the 100th episode. “Every episode I’ve been back in has been very heavy for my character.” He says all the episodes he’s been in have all been different, with lots of comedy and drama, and he was “especially excited” about “Whispers.”  “Joe Flanigan and I had a great time shooting it.”


He thinks Beckett is the “heart” in some ways, to the show, and he loves working on the show.


The Star Trek movie.

He signed a confidentiality clause so can’t say much about his role. Simon Pegg got the role of Scotty instead. “It was cool to be part of that,” he said of the film, and it was a pleasure working with J.J. Abrams.


He appeared in the movie The Deal in 2005 and SGA at the same time.

He had a light episode of SGA so had the opportunity to do the movie, and he said he did the Lifetime movie “Mom, Dad and Her,” right after shooting “Kindred”.


He’s got a bunch of things up in the air at the moment, including an independent feature he’ll be working on in the Fall. He did a play. He’s reading for a miniseries tomorrow (which was I guess a few weeks ago?) He’s back and forth between Vancouver and L.A.


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