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And nobody thought of this before??

In the news today, some scientist types did samples of floors at airport, citing that they might not be clean (no, duh!) and you could get cooties (or something similar)

The lab identified a mold from McCarron Airport in Las Vegas as trichophyston, which causes ringworm and favus, a nasty disease of the scalp. 

Ugh. Anyway, it's not a stretch that an air traveler wouldn't think of this. After all, you're standing in line, the guy in front of you has just been in the men's room, so you know where those shoes have been. I'm surprised that Monk can even step in an airport. 

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In the weird news department, Researchers at Indiana State University in Terre Haute tried a small experiment to test the effects of having kids play with heavier toys. They found that 10 children ages 6 to 8 burned more calories and had higher heart and breathing rates when they moved 3-pound toy blocks instead of unweighted blocks. 

I predict that next in the weird news department will be the lawsuits when little Billy drops the ordinary building block (which was perfectly safe to play with back in the 60s/70s) on his toe and mommy goes "I'm suing!"  What they need to do is... increase the weight of the TV remote as well as the mouse for the computer! ;)

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And in a totally unsubstantiated study conducted by my cat, some people spend way too much time on LiveJournal in the first few days they start up one ;)

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