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New SciFi Promo Ads for Stargate Atlantis

Yup, Skiffy has done up some incredibly, er, uh, interesting ads that will rotate for the next season on their website at www.scifi.com/atlantis.

Now, to vivissect their photoshopping ;)

So, what's up with Sheppard's team? He seems awful pissed off, but not as angry-looking as Rodney, who might be ticked off because Woolsey's invading his personal space, and just er, what part of Ronon is Keller reaching for? Hmm....

No more caffeinated coffee on Atlantis makes Rodney a sourpuss. Or, he is trying for a rock band look?  He's the lead (ala Phil Collins) while the ladies and guys in black leather are the backup singers?

Yeah, definite pattern here. Keller just can't keep her paws off Ronon. Rodney, sorry, you don't stand a chance...

This could be the cover of one of those bodice-ripper romance novels...

I swear, Keller looks tired beyond belief, recovering from flu, or stoned.

Aw........... isn't that cute? Sheppard and Ronon are a couple! Look at their hands? Did the photoshoppping people pay attention or figure, eh, no one will notice, or, let's stir the pot! Yeah, I mean, I know there's some he-man Ronon-Sheppard bonding in "Search and Rescue," but um, not THAT much! ;)

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