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Stargate Atlantis #501 - "Search & Rescue" SPOILER review

 Spoiler review under the cut.


Finally! I saw this via, er, uhm, *cough* other means, but nothing compare so watching it on the TV, lying down on the couch, munching M&Ms (even if Rodney McKay did roll around in 'em, they're still edible).

Overall, a pretty decent episode, but I give it a 7, due to quibbles.

What I liked best was the comraderie-bonding stuff, particularly between Sheppard and Ronon. Ah, my whumper-heart squeed when the camera focused on Sheppard pinned down in the rubble and Ronon steadfastly refusing to abandon him. And McKay and Ronon both pseudo-angsting over Sheppard in the jumper when Shep insists on doing the rescue, and ah, Ronon's "You don't have to do everything yourself" in slapping the C4 on the wraith drive. And Sheppard imploring Keller to let him run off and rescue Teyla. and Shep and Ronon prepared to just shoot unti they run out of bullets and how few words they need to say.

Just a Kodak moment: John waving his hands trying to find the parked jumper. Bwahahaha!  Who hasn't lost a vehicle in a mall parking lot?

Ah, Teyla. I gotta admit, having Rodney deliver the baby was great, because he was so utterly horrified at the whole experience, but 'bucked it up' and got the job done. Aw....  Oh and yes, babies can be delivered that quickly. In fact, just this past week on the news, it was reported that a woman's water broke and literally, a minute later, poof, out popped the baby!

If Carter had been like this throughout season 4, I would have liked her a lot more. It's not that I don't like her, it's that in season 4

Okay, can we assume Kanan came along for the ride in the jumper? I mean, they woudln't leave him behind. Alas, Caldwell just blew up all the DNA-altered Athosians working as Michael's minions. Sigh. And just how are they going to deal with Kanan? It was interesting to see Teyla not name the baby after Kanan, but her father and John instead (I'm sure Rodney will get over it). 

Glad to see Caldwell back in action. Ellis is a bit too in-your-face for my tastes.

Sheppard said, did I hear it correctly? - that he doesn't drink beer? Which is sorta refuted by "Home" and definitely by "Sunday!" Argh, writers, please, make a bible, ask the fans, or just Google it! [[ack, correction, he said 'they', although it still sounds like 'I' to me but it sure makes more sense]]

If Lorne is in the back of the jumper with a broken leg, why is Keller up front with Rodney, et. al. ? Shouldn't she be doing, I don't know, doctor stuff?  (insert sarcasm)

Sheppard's injury. Okay, a hole in the side, and Keller is going on about how it needs immediate surgery, but then she lets him go to run off and rescue and he seems to be relatively fine, but then once back he's going to be need surgery and be laid up for a full week? And why on earth is Keller treating Sheppard's wound without removing some of his dirty clothing? Argh... However, I did love Sheppard's "chance to rescue a teammate" speech which was nice and angsty, but it still makes Keller look, well, for lack of a better word, incompetent. And why would Carter let John, obviously not in great shape, run off on a rescue mission? Yeah, we can argue the emotional aspect of it, but geez, can't spare a heaviy armed airman or two for the jumper ride, to oh, I don't know, stay behind and guard the jumper? 

Keller. Can we please get the woman some better dialogue, or have it delivered in a less, um, whiny, tone?  iwant to like her, and do at times, but other times cringe at her medical (or lack thereof) skills (which is the fault of the writers). But, on the plus side, they actually had Sheppard in a hospital gown, not scrubs, which would be rather impractical if being wheeled into surgery...


What more could a fan want? Whumped guys!

But overall, I quite enjoy this episode because of the angsty team bonding scenes. If Michael wasn't in it, I wouldn't even notice. In fact, I find myself zapping past his evil-alien "they will all die" stuff to get to Shep forcing himself to rescue Teyla, and Rodney's "I like children, the little ones, the ones that don't talk" spiel ;) THe way they removed Carter wasn't much o fa surprise. I knew the actor was leaving and well, yeah, this is how it's done in business. You're called into an office (or back to another planet) and poof, that's it, job gone, but at least for Carter, she's lost command of the city but is still in the USAF and probably back with the SG1 team. And since I like Robert Picardo, I've got no problem with Woolsey taking over as the man will be over his head, will butt heads, and provide such much needed confrontation/tension to the command team. Sorry, but Carter was just too nice...

One thing I did hate - happens every time - all those friggin banner ads for every other SciFi show and website in existance, running over the bottom of the screen. When are the DVDS for season 5 coming out?? ;)

OKAY, SPOILERS for next week's episode... ooh, Shep whump!!!

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