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Joe Flanigan talks about 100th episode of Stargate Atlantis

Was quite delighted to find an article with a mini interview with Joe Flanigan regarding the 100th episode of Stargate Atlantis.

For those avoiding spoilers, I've stuck it under the cut, even if the spoilers are very broad. He also talks about the cast change as well.

NEW YORK VUE – Daily News magazine

July 13-19 2008


Stargate in Alien Territory: Las Vegas”


This is a milestone season for Stargate Atlantis and lead actor Joe Flanigan – the SciFi Channel fave will shoot its 100th episode. “It will be the final show we shoot this year,” in September, and I’m told I may be in Las Vegas shooting something. The idea that was pitched to me is very interesting, very outside the box. Apparently there are a lot of aliens in Las Vegas, which I’ve always suspected,” he deadpans. “The episode order is for a full 20. I hope I don’t fall apart.” Flanigan is working opposite some different faces this season, including Robert Picardo, whose Stargate SG-1 character comes aboard as commander of the Atlantis Expedition – now that actress Amanda Tapping (who played former expedition leader Col. Samantha Carter) is busy doing the Sanctuary Web series. “He’s not as pretty as Amanda, but other than that, I really enjoy working with him,” says Flanigan. “Our scenes are a little quirkier, more comedic, and it’s nice.”


Article comes with the levitating Sheppard shot on the stairs ;)


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