wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Warning: dangerous driving ahead!

I cannot imagine what these people were thinking. Wait, no, I don't even want to know....

First, Man Sentenced for Driving Blind - A blind man who was convicted of dangerous driving after he admitted being behind the wheel of a car that touched 35 mph was given a three-month suspended sentence on Monday. [Wow, I hope they took away the keys too!] Second, and Auto-eroticism undoes driver - A Slovak driver who crashed into a bus shocked rescuers who found him unconscious and half naked with a vacuum pump on his... well, read the article. I mean, whoa, geez, get a hotel room! Ack! And well, if you visit Yahoo news, you can find all sorta of weird stories like that under 'Odd News.' Wonder if either one will end up as a plot on CSI? The last one would fit the Vegas show perfectly ;)
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