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Stargate Atlantis at Comic Con #5: Photos, reports, and more

 More Comic Con links from the web



More fans at Comic Con





check out this ‘set’ for shots of Stargate folk, plus others, from con. Has some very funny shots.



EXCLUSIVE shot of Richard Dean Anderson & Amanda Tapping






LiveJournal reports on the Atlantis / Continuum panels, with photos of Richard Dean Anderson, Ben Browder, Amanda Tapping, Michael Shanks, Chris Judge, Cliff Simon, Joe Flanigan, Jewel Staite, Robert Picardo, etc.


http://10pmpacifictime.livejournal.com/106103.html (text)


http://alchemise.livejournal.com/71185.html (text + photos)


http://delcamy.livejournal.com/28954.html (text)




http://divanoir.livejournal.com/181927.html (text + photos)


http://drgemini.livejournal.com/37841.html (text + photos from Continuum premiere)


http://fresne.livejournal.com/132367.html (text)


http://greyias.livejournal.com/48847.html (text + photos)


http://ibroketuesday.livejournal.com/21402.html (text)


http://ionaonie.livejournal.com/221612.html (text)


http://kalquessa.livejournal.com/576808.html (text)


http://ladyyueh.livejournal.com/43563.html (text)




http://pandora-576.livejournal.com/51384.html (text)


http://pkgrl.livejournal.com/ (mostly photos – scroll down for Flanigan, Picardo, Staite, etc.)


http://redeem147.livejournal.com/396233.html (text + photos)


http://saitenyo.livejournal.com/1009544.html (mostly photos)


http://stacyx.livejournal.com/386222.html (text)


http://stargate-sg1-solutions.com/blog/?p=1409 (text + photo gallery)


http://syble4.livejournal.com/93231.html (text + photos)


http://www.tvverdict.com/2008/07/25/comic-con-day-one/ (text – Continuum premiere)




Picardo links (in reference to Trek, at Comic-Con). Excerpts provided:



And that was only the panels. There was the whole exhibition hall to walk around and see other cool displays and get autographs from people, etc. I got to meet Todd Klein (the letterer for Sandman and many other things), whose posters decorate my living room. I also happened upon ROBERT PICARDO, who signed a picture of himself for me (for quite a price), chatted a bit, and even kissed me on the cheek. ;) He was by far the best Voyager character, and I think only pulls up a close second to Data as the best Star Trek character ever.



PHOTO: Star Trek" HQ, with Avery Brooks (Sisko from "Deep Space Nine"), Jonathan Frakes (Riker from "The Next Generation") and, behind them, Robert Picardo (the Doctor from "Voyager"). All three--and in fact every celebrity I saw at the con--were very gracious toward fans and seemed genuinely happy to be there



Avery Brooks and Robert Picardo were signing at the Lightspeed booth which is the one that always has the nice, expensive Star Trek paintings at every con.
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