wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

It's cheaper than therapy...

I was minding my own business, mowing the lawn, when the lawn mower clogged up because is just rains-rains-rains (hmm, we're becoming the new Seattle - already got too many Starbucks). So I de-clogged the lawnmower, turned around and wow, right over where I mowed was a leopard slug (whom I have now named Fred).

So I dragged Fred inside and videotaped him. Not bad for using a digital camera with my left hand and not really seeing what I was doing. Watch Fred crawl, look at that tentacle action! ;) 

And  here's a photo of Fred.

Regrettably, my fingernails are still stained. 

This is Fred all curled up when he feels threatened. 

Alas, the lawn beckoned, so I put Fred back in a big round patch of lawn that won't get cut down till the last mowing in September or October. 

Oh darn, should have grabbed an action figure and put Fred on it, but... Fred leaves slime, and it took long enough to get the slime off me. Don't want to scrub off Shep or McKay's faces! ;)
Tags: critters
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