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Stargate Atlantis #11 novel: Angelus

Publication date: December 25, 2008

Stargate Atlantis novel: Angelus
by Peter J. Evans

This is a snippet of a forthcoming SGA novel:

"So we're screwed." Ellis rubbed his chin, still glaring at the map. "We can't get a true picture of what's going on, and what we don't know could kill us."

"Yeah," Carter added grimly. "If the Wraith find out where Atlantis is, they'll swarm us. If the Replicators find out, they'll do worse. The city's long range sensors are great at picking up moving objects, but as for what those objects are doing... Righ tnow I feel like a kid caught up in a bar fight, hiding under the table. I can hear the pool cues on heads, but I don't dare stick my own head out to see where the danger is."

Ellis had been in a few bar rights in his time, although he had normally been wielding the cue. "But McKay says he's got a plan?"

"Hasn't he always?" Carter had smiled at him, briefly. "He's gone all retro on us. A series of early-warning sensors, dropped into these systems here..."

A listing is up at Amazon, but no details.

This looks to be the first novel based in season 4.
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