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Some more spoiler pictures and irreverant dialogue -Stargate Atlantis "The Shrine"

MGM put up more SHRINE photos on their Stargate Atlantis site, so I had a little fun with a few...

And more photos from THE SHRINE appear, along with some ideas of what's going on (since I don't have the script handy).

McKay: "Guh! Er! Gonna hurl!"
Sheppard: "Didn't I warn you not to eat that alien burrito?"
Meanwhile, Ronon wonders if a career as a department store mannequin is for him...

However, McKay did indeed hurl, and the acidic vomit melted the glue holding the damn, er, dam together and the whole place flooded, so they must sit on top of the stargate until the waters recede...
Teyla: "You are hot."
McKay: "I am? Of course I am. Keller means nothing to me. Wanna date? I have a bubble bath."
Sheppard: "She means you have a temperature, you idiot."

Teyla ponders Rodney's offer of a date. He is smart. Perhaps she can get him to rig an automated rocker thing for the baby so she doesn't have to stay up late rocking the baby. Not that she minds, but she really misses sleep.. Hmm....but just one date....
Sheppard wonders if Rodney's vomit is going to melt the gate. He doesn't like the look of the churning acidic water and fish skeletons below them... And just what is Ronon all in a snit about?

While his teammates are lost in thought, Ronon realizes that no one is paying attention to him - again! What do they think he is? The big silent alien who just likes to shoot people. Hmm, he wonders if he stunned Sheppard, how big a splash he'd make in the water below. Hmm, that never gets old...

As Ronon broods about Sateda, his lost love, and the fact that his leather outfit, now wet, is shrinking in all the wrong spots, his team is preoccupied with other important stuff.
McKay: "Ugh, my contact lens fell out. Sheppard, go fish it out of that water."
Sheppard: "Move a little closer, Rodney, and I'll shove you in after it!"

ANd that's it. Just couldn't resist adding some dialogue to the pictures ;)

Tags: parody, photos, season 5, stargate atlantis
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