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The Stargate Atlantis Bedside Guide to Fanfic Whump

Yeah, don't you wish there was such a book? But anyway, I've been meaning to do this for a while, just grab the stack of stories that sit next to my bedside, which I love to read when the mood strikes (in between all those books on spiders and parasites and whatnot ;) and list 'em.

This list is in no particular order, and I really do have to through the boxes of stories I actually organized at one point, to see what else is in there that I'd include in this category. There are so many good authors/stories out there, but these are ones that just make me go all warm and fuzzy when reading 'em ;)

And the Sky Was Dark
Author: Kodiak Bear


    And the whole team gets whumped - in a major fashion... internal injuries, TBI (traumatic brain injury), busted bones. It's a whumper's delight, especially with Sheppard suffering a career-ending injury. The injured teams find themselves 'guests' of an alien culture that just doesn't want to let them go. It's got the physical whump, coping (or not coping) and great angst.

Castles in the Sky
Author: Stealth Dragon
     This is the 'Sheppard as an abused slave" story that the author had promised (looking at my notes), and she delivers in an incredible tale of when Sheppard is unfortunately swept up in a Wraith cull and the Queen doesn't want him for dinner. She plans to keep him around for a long time as she physically and mentally breaks him down.

The Experiment
Author: Titan5
    Sheppard suffers inexplicable and agonizing spasms that Beckett can't figure out. If only they knew the cause was from of their own people. Lots of whump and angst. Oh yeah, and blood.

Hound of Hell You Cry
Author: Stealth Dragon
    Sheppard is stranded on another world in a village where people are mysteriously vanishing, and the team races to find him. Plenty of whump, mystery, action, adventure, and a little horror. Plus a great plot.

It's Always Autumn in the Old Trees of Despair
Author: Kodiak Bear
    Sheppard’s team is abducted and separated, while the mad ruler of a kingdom chooses Sheppard to be his son and heir. This one has a great plot, seeped in dark psychological torture, but don't let that scare you away (wait a minute, I'm talking to whumpers!). But yes, there is physical whump, too. I would have to say that is the most dog-eared of all the stories in the stack by the bed as I've read it over and over. If you're a whumper, read it!

Author: Kodiak Bear
   This is the sequel to It's Always Autumn..., which you must read, as the team, especially Sheppard, must deal with the consequences of what had been done to them all. I just loved it to bits. Why couldn't the writers on the who have made Kate this good a character??

Of Coloring Books and Lt. Colonels
Author: Stealth Dragon
    After a week and a half of horrible torture, Sheppard becomes obsessed with a coloring book as he recovers from the torture. This story is from Mckay's point of view, and it's a good insight into both characters. Not as lengthy as the others (most of which are pretty big, some over 100 pages!) but a nice short, whump read.

The Weight of an Oath
Author: Emrys
    Sheppard's team stumbles upon a society that seems pretty advanced, but soon they abduct Sheppard and expderiment on him in order to devise a means to kill of Wraith. The trouble is, it's not very good for Sheppard. Lots of whump, escapes through cities, etc.

White Walls
Author: Eildon Rhymer
    Four went out and three came back. Sheppard has vanished and the rest of his team lies injured. By the time they recover, the trail has gone cold. As Sheppard and his team fight their own separate battles for hope and survival, the true danger may be different from what any of them expects. Lots of emotional angst/whump. This is a story that proves that whump doesn't need to involve copies bleeding or busted bones or spears through limbs, but instead is yet another tale of dark psychological whump.

and one more (which I had stuck in my tote bag for lunch but usually lives in the 'stack')

Exhuming McCarthy
Author: Everybetty & Kristen999
        A tragic accident leaves Sheppard battling for his ilfe, while his teammates must deal with the political hornet's nest it stirs up. I loved this story due to a great plot, realistic medical writing, and well, just the great whump.

Anyway, that's what I've got stashed at the bedside. I highly recommend them all, as they're all so well written. I really wish some of these folks would write the SGA pro novels! I know I can easily add to this list, ooh, thinking of Fortitude and other stories. Must go back and check my list. Anyway, hopefully some stories are new to the newer fans, as some were penned a few years back, but they're still great fiction.

Oops, P.S., all stories above are gen.


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