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Stargate Atlantis - "The Shrine" - spoiler chatter

 You know, watching this episode made me really pissed at Skiffy and MGM for yanking the plug. This episode was FANTASTIC!

Stargate Atlantis
"The Shrine"


"My brain is not some new deck off the back of your house!"

TPTB would be idiots (um, er) if they did not submit this episode for the Geminis next year (in memorium at that point, since the show will be dead. Oh, smacks myself).

Anyway, David Hewlett did a fantastic job as Rodney slowly sliding into nothingness, and wow, his sister did an incredible job. Aw, the teary scene where she had to run out of the room and Ronon stops her and he's more determined than anyone to save Rodney. Wow! 

I loved Sheppard's strangled little looks, like when they were in the infirmary trying to talk to Rodney, and for a moment, he's by Rodney's bed by himself as the rest of the team basically argue with Keller over taking him to the planet. You see the way he compresses his lips and looks like he almost wants to cry, exactly the expression when Keller was telling him way back in "Adrift" that Weir's brain had been severely damaged in the explosion.

Oh, and Rodney pounding on Sheppard's door, in a total panic. Priceless, the way Sheppard calmed him down. And he's scored a mini-fridge, with beer! and probably cheese and who knows what else. Command privilege!. Ohkay, shallowness here... Sheppard running around the base in bare feet. Aw.... I can only fathom Joe Flanigan wore his every day clothes to the set and never changed! I've seen that shirt before, although a plaid shirt really doesn't go with running pants, but I'm hardly a fashion plate myself ;)  The pier/dock chat was something that warmed the cockles of my whump heart, although there was no whump, you got that angst, and you got connection and you got to see them act as friends, particularly with that last silly "Arthur" line. (is that from a movie, or??? I wasn't sure)

Loved how Sheppard gets the DIY surgical kit out of the jumper. Well, hey, it's not like it probably hasn't been done in situations where, well, you just have to do it.

Oh, the line "You could have stepped it," snarks Sheppard, to which Ronon said "She said to shoot it." (Paraphrasing). A nice joke to break the tension. Ooh, evil little parasite that sorta reminded me of an oily starfish.

The Keller/McKay love thing dind't bother me (probably cuz I know it won't go anywhere now) and well, I don't know if it would last anyway.

Overall this was a great character episode, where we got to see how much the team cared for each other, etc.

Thumbs up on this one.

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