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Stargate Atlantis action figures Q&A

Well, now that Skiffy and MGM are busying putting the nails in SGA's coffin (sorry, every time one of their execs is quoted in the press, it makes me want to throw a brick at them (my foam rubber brick from Universal Studios, that is), but... what will happen to the merchandise?

The books/novels
Audio books
Action figures

Don't know about the first three, but there is now a direct way to ask Diamond Select Toys questions, so I think if you want to keep seeing SGA action fiugres (or beg/request/whine/grovel for a particular one, here are the details)


Once a month, Art Asylum selects a single topic and then group of questions submitted from the fans that go with it. Then, we answer them in the Q&A Blog.

So ask; about what you want to see made, questions for the artists, whatever.

I would say that if anytime is the time to ask about SGA action figures, now is the time, to show the market is still there and we wont' shut up unti we get Becktet, Lorne, Zelenka, Chuck and a few red-shirt anonymous security guard action figures ;)

You can find some questions already answered on 

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