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Bleached out alligator, killer frogs, and a day at the aquarium...

I abruptly realized, eek!, the albino alligator at the aquarium will be packing his bags and moving to the next aquarium next weekend, so I shook enough coins out of my Dalek piggy bank to pay the parking meter, and went to the aquarium (who fortunately takes charge cards for entry as I wasn't bringing down the Dalek to shake all the coins out as I forgot to hit th bank yesterday).

Anyway, all the pretty pictures, etc., below the cut: 

He was born in Florida, is 10 years old and 8-1/2 feet long and in an hour of watching him, he moved his foot - once. Oh, and blinked his eye, twice, otherwise, he's got the life or Riley doing nothing.

Nice teeth. He's got 80 of 'em.

See, if lifted one front foot, claw, whatever...

Bunch of frogs just hanging out in the frog display, which had a whole bunch of frogs from all over. Man, you should have seen the African bullfrog. It's HUGE!

can't recall the type of frog, but they like to live in trees. I thought this shot turned out pretty cool considering the poor lighting.

African clawed frogs, xenopus. They look like ghost frogs.

Poison dart frogs, or rather, my refrigerator magnets. I swear, that's what they look like. They were cute when they hopped around, and came in assorted colors ;)

And my video of jellyfish in their tank. Very soothing. Really have to get up to the bigger aquarium as they might have more!

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