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Stargate Atlantis: Actors talk about cancellation of show

UPDATED: */29 - David Nykl

I’ve been collecting the Stargate Atlantis actor’s various reactions to the cancellation news. Not all have spoken up (they’re not obligated to, and neither Joe nor Jason seem to be big computer users anyway).

Joe Flanigan

Nothing yet (he doesn’t have any web presence to speak of)


David Hewlett


No more weekly McKay...sniffle...still, it's an actors life for me! ;-)

    08:04 PM August 21, 2008 from web


Source: http://twitter.com/dhewlett



"I'm not ashamed to say, I love McKay. I think in the same way as fans, I'm going to miss him on a weekly basis. I've really had an awful lot of fun doing that part. ... McKay is definitely one of those characters that I hope is around in some way, shape, or form for a long time. Because he really is such a pleasure to play."

David said that, while it's easy to forget the "business" side of show business during the grind of filming every day, he actually likes the transitory nature of the industry.

"It's such a weird profession this way," he said. "There's a sense when you are doing it that it will go on forever ... but everyone knows that it won't. So there's that weird sort of duality the whole time, realizing that while it feels like this will go on forever it doesn't mean that that is necessarily going to be true."

"Who knows what can happen next? That really is the thing that excites me about this industry and this profession. You never know. Who knows where we could be next year? That's kind of a cool way to live your life, I've got to say. It's kind of the way I dreamt it would be. I think that it's the double-edged sword of being in this industry. It can change with one phone call. It's like winning the lottery -- every time you go in for an audition you're basically buying a ticket, and that ticket can take you anywhere and make you anything."

Source: http://www.gateworld.net/news/2008/08/hewlett_ill_miss_mckay.shtml



Rachel Luttrell


She posted in her own guestbook (until perhaps a more formal statement is made on the site?)


Friday 08/22/2008 1:53:13am

Name: Rachel Luttrell

City/Country: Canada

Comments:  Thank you.
This has been a wonderful journey.
My fans, and the fans of Atlantis have been gracious and supportive and loyal.
And... now, onto the the next leg of journey!
With gratitude.
Rachel xo


Source: http://www.rachelluttrell.com/guest.asp


Rachel learned of the cancellation last week, not long before we did. She said, “Paul Mullie and Joe Mallozzi came into my trailer last week, and they broke the news to me. They came in, and their faces kind of said it all. I think, truthfully, we were all very shocked by the news. We all kind of figured that we’d be going for at least another season. You know, we’ve been here for five years, and have become like a family now. So it’s sad that we’re moving on, but, you know, onwards and upwards I guess. One has to be positive.” [lotts more at link below]


Source: http://stargate-sg1-solutions.com/blog/?p=1540




Jason Momoa

Nothing yet



Paul McGillion


Paul was not in Vancouver when the decision came down. “Martin Gero gave me a call because I wasn’t on set. He called me up and broke the news to me. From all indications, I’d thought we were going to go a sixth season, but like Rachel said, five years is a great run of a show. Hopefully we entertained the fans with that. And apparently there may be some movies in the future, but we’ll see what happens with everybody. You move on from something, and hopefully you leave a bit of a legacy.” [more at link below]


Source: http://stargate-sg1-solutions.com/blog/?p=1540



David Nykl


[from Chicago Stargate Convention  8/22-24] "On Tuesday they announced it to the cast, and I wasn't there," Nykl said. "So I came in the next day and I was getting ready like I usually do, and there was this weird mood on set. So I asked what was going on. And it was actually Chuck who told me!

"It's a shock. It's like any big news. There's a process you go through. You're sad, you're angry. You're worried about what's going to happen. There's a sense that it's a real shame. The cast and crew have been together so long that it's a real blast doing the show."

"But you have to remember, we've been doing it for five years," Nykl added. "For a lot of shows in this day and age, that's a major accomplishment." And with Atlantis movies on the horizon, the actor stressed one thing: "Don't give up on us."




Hard to believe - cancelled - after five years. Atlantis the series has been wrapped. It's all so sudden. Even when you know it can happen anytime, when it does you go: where did that come from? I barely have digested the news before the "what's next?" questions started up. What's next?
Well, frankly, I don't know. More work. More good roles. More ways to connect. I hope.
We move on..

Source:  http://lettersfrompegasus.blogspot.com/2008/08/mirror-beans-big-pizzas-and-next-thing.html


Chuck Campbell

[from Chicago Stargate Convention  8/22-24]  Those sentiments were echoed by Campbell.

"Hang in with us," he said. "This new series will be of the same caliber as the other two. These writers know what they are doing. They can write good television. You've been with us this long. Stay with us for the ninth inning. It'll be worth it. And thank you for the five years you've given us."

Source: http://www.gateworld.net/news/2008/08/iatlantisi_actors_react_to_cance.shtml



Robert Picardo


Nothing yet.




Jewel Staite


Sunday, August 24, 2008


All good things....


I’m writing to end the depressing stream of messages I’ve acquired in my inbox in the last week since the announcement that SGA is indeed canceled.  Yes, we’re a little disappointed that we won’t be seeing each other on a regular basis anymore, or eating Steve’s famous “crack sandwiches” every morning (I must now enter baconcheesymayo-y goodness rehab).  But at the same time, the SGA characters are in no way, shape, or form deceased.  This franchise is a strong one, and you can bet they’re not putting SGA to bed yet; I’ve heard buzzings of DVD movies as well as crossover appearances on Stargate: Universe, so rest assured that it ain’t over.  This just means more opportunities to invade other franchises and time to play other characters, and I’m quite excited to be “on the market” again.  I have no idea what’s in store for me, since I’m tied up for another month with Atlantis, but I’ll be sure to let you know when I do decide on my next project.  As for being “cursed”… not exactly the thing an actress needs to hear, like, Ever.  Besides, being truly cursed would have been having the show canceled last year, not this year… and I don’t believe in curses.  I believe in working on fantastic projects with great people, and I’ve been blessed to work on many, and will continue to do so if you keep watching!


So spread the word: life goes on for us actors.  We’re used to this. 


P.S. and thanks.  I know you’re rooting for me.


Source: http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.view&friendID=147037658&blogID=427152392


To let the actors know your feelings, you can write them (snail mail) direct to the studio at:


Actor’s Name

c/o Pegasus Productions.

2400 Boundary Road

Burnaby, BC

V5M 3Z3



Other online sources include:


David Hewlettwww.dgeek.com (however, due to a hacking incident [grrrr], the forum is presently locked) (when back up, you must be registered member)


Jason Momoa – website - http://www.jasonmomoa.com/ - leave in forum? (must register)


Rachel Luttrell – website – http://www.rachelluttrel.com – leave in guestbook


David Nykl – blog - http://lettersfrompegasus.blogspot.com/ - leave in comments on latest entry


Robert Picardo – website - http://www.robertpicardo.com/ - leave in guestbook


Jewel Staitehttp://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=147037658 – must have myspace account to comment, leave in comments on latest entry


Chuck Campbell – website - http://www.chuckcampbellonline.com/  - leave comments in guestbook
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