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Jason Momoa in NJ ... SGA Season 2 DVDs delayed?!

First, just read in a Creation email that Jason Momoa (Ronon Dex) will be at the Nov 3-5 NJ Creation Con. Woo-hoo! I definitely still want to see Joe, but Jason was my next choice (well, no, actually David Hewlett was but I think I have a better chance of winning Lotto than seeing DH at a Creation Con).

Next, http://www.tvshowsondvd.com/newsitem.cfm?NewsID=6459 sent out in an email today

"This past week we've received a number of emails asking when the second   season of Atlantis will be released. Fans have been speculating that it'll be  out in November, since season 1 released last November, but that's not the case. We asked around and were told MGM/Sony is looking at sometime in January, though  a specific date hasn't been locked in yet. We'll report back with any new  information we can dig up."

WHAT!?!?! 2007! What are they doing? Gold-plating it? As has been pointed out on a few boards, MGM is missing out on folks buying this DVD set as a Christmas present for family, friends, etc. Not to mention all the SGA fans who just want to see crisp clean copies.

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