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The New Fall TV Season (USofA)

Well, I got my TV Guides, have been innundated with ads, and...

I should insert my icon of McKay with his 'thumbs down' grin...

Well, there are the usual inane sitcoms. Pass.

Dramas, my main meal... let's see, My Own Worst Enemy, about a guy who's a family guy and a government assassin. Ah, nah, pass. Tired of series where the lead protagonist has some serious morality problems.

I like Simon Baker, but have the feeling The Mentalist is toast. It's too close to Monk and other shows like that. And the commercials just didn't scream 'watch me.'

There's a chance Fringe might be worthwhile watching. I'll check out the pilot, since it involves people melting inside an airplane from some biohazard, and I'lll check out most biohazard disaster movies!

Knight Rider? Blech, pooh. The pilot sucked so much I turned away after the first twenty minutes.

Life on Mars? I liked Jason O'Mara in some spy drama he did a few years back, so may check it out, and oh, I think Colm Meaney (Cowan, SGA, Star Trek, etc. etc.) is in it...

The Eleventh Hour looks dreary.

Syndication-wise. I'll check out Sanctuary on SciFi, and darn, no new medical reality shows (like on Discovery, which apparently has split off into two channels, and the one that carries all the good medical stuff, of course, cable does NOT get. Grrrrr).

Oooh, The LIbrarian: The Curse of the Judas Chalice. New flick on TNT in December with Noah Wylie. Those films are fun!

Now, to returning shows. it's a given I'll  watch Stargate Atlantis till my DVDs wear out, so we'll move on to returning shows.

The Big Bang Theory. I watched it out of curiosity and these geek-sitcom is hysterical. I sooooo want Sheldon and McKay to hook up on some project, if just to drive everybody else insane.

Heroes. I'm a masochist. I'll check out season 3 after season 2 nearly derailed the show.  I can't even what's going on, but I'm sure I can wing it.

CSI: NY, CSI (Vegas), CSI: Miami. I'll watch 'em all, although I think CSI Vegas is on its way out and realistically, should go. Warrick's dead (99% sure), William Peterson is departing. It doesn't have the same excitment anymore.

NCIS. They had (expletive deleted) bring back the team!!

Law & Order (any), Without a Trace. I like these shows, but I catch 'em when I do, and it doesn't bother me if I miss 'em as they're all over syndication and that way, when I change channels if I'm bored, I may find one I haven't seen, a dozen or three times ;)

House. Oddly enough, I keep missing this. I can never remember when it's on, or it's against something else. It sorta lost me when they canned half the cast, so... I'll catch marathons and repeats on USA Network.

Pushing Daisies. Very cute but I hope it doesn't fall prey to second-seasonitis.

Supernatural. I keep missing. I just buy the DVDs and plan to do a Supernatural fest one of these years ;)

E.R. I'll will watch the episode where Luka leaves (if he hasn't already), Carter returns (I think Noah Wylie is in one) and the finale.

So, with the exception of SGA, there's nothing I need to watch 'live' (gasp! I'm one of those people who are now timeshifting tv viewing).

Wonder what everybody else thinks of the new season...

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