wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Yes, the world can still end! :)

Oops. Electrical glitch... GENEVA (AFP) — The world's largest particle collider was stopped on Wednesday, a week after its startup, as a result of an electrical fault, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (CERN) said on Thursday.

So, they can start it up again, giving conspiracy theorists more time tochant "doom! doom!" but really, in watching Wall Street and the U.S. gov't screw around with money, maybe the end of the world wouldn't be so bad. *cough*. Geez, all the people who were greedy and stupid are gonna ruin it for those of us who have worked hard and saved. I'm watching a news show which is saying the average American will not retire (well, duh, didn't think I would) and that the standard of living will go downhill. Wow, this is gonna put a dent in those companies that cater exclusively to rich yuppies. Oh well, enough gnashing of teeth over that.

On the good side however, I missed running over three squirrels and a chipmunk today. Ack, suicidal little rodents!
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