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Ramblings about the latest on TV and the lawn...

But first, yes, CBS picked up Flashpoint for a secon season! I knew CTV had renewed it and was hoping CBS would follow suit in picking it up. Judging from their Fall lineup, they're gonna need something to fill the gaps *cough* Now to find some Flashpoint LJ icons.

* Second, I was mowing the lawn today and ohmygawd, George, my beloved leopard slug, has returned! Well, for a split second I thought that, until the curled up 'slug' quickly slithered off. It was a snake. I think I'll call it Sam. So I'm trying to find the snake, as I don't want to really mow it over, so decide, okay, I'll mow in the opposite direction and while I'm mowing, suddenly, the grass starts moving in front of me (like in Jurassic Park). Yes, it's Sam, hightaiiling it for the safety of the bushes. Phew.

* I didn't get the email, junk mail fklyer, etc., that said today was National Idiots on the Road day. I don't know if it was the nice sunny pre-fall air, but geez, I've never seen so much erratic driving. 10 miles an hour in 25mph zones (and had the road been full of potholes, I'd understand, but they just paved the darn thing). Aieee... some moron in an SUV tried to pass me by driving in the bike lane.

* I went to Borders and ordered SGA novels #5 and #4 (Halycon & Exogenesis). Now, I have no idea if the books are in stock, but if they are, I'll take 'em and offer 'em up at the cost I paid.

Stargate Universe has competition: Fox has a comedy pilot called Boldly Going Nowhere about the 'lazy crew ofa  wayward spaceship in the distant future.' *cough*

* You know, I'd kill for a Zelenka or Lorne action figure (SGA) but instead action figure makers are churning out Sarah Palin action figures. I mean, really, don't we have enough politicians already??

* Crap, I forgot when the fall season arrives, they screw up all the syndicated stuff. SGA has been shoved into the 2 a.m. repeat slot (I like the show, but that's TOO late to watch anything), and Baywatch is gone (it was a guilty pleasure) and Regenesis is repeating in the 2:00 a.m. slot too. Geez. ANd this week all the new shows start, so will see who dies on the CSI shows (Warrick, no doubt, but Horatio on CSI: Miami. Come on, give me a break).

* Wow, where have I been? The Emmys are tomorrow night! So, yes, nothing to watch! They've been just awful the past decade or so.

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