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Stargate Atlantis wrap party

Ah, you hit episode #100 and they axe the show. MGM has such... style *cough*. Anyway, there are photos up from the wrap party.


has up over 40 shots from the wrap party. Jason Momoa, Kavan Smith and David Nykl are in there, but no Joe F or David H (maybe they didn't want to be in the blog, at least it seems that way with Joe as photos of him are few and far between).

Ah, ookay, the photos at the once-mentioned Livejournal are not more, so I've deleted the link because the photos will not be going up again, and there are, well, angry feelings about the whole mess.

Basically, it was a matter of miscommunication and then the link got posted to Gateworld, where the poster of the photos definitely did NOT want it mentioned as TPTB often troll those boards. This could reflect back on the anonymous source of the photos, so hence, the photos got removed.

Some fans did post the link, but with the best of intentions (to share photos), so... please don't send nastygrams or anything. It was a mistake, that's all.  But you know, in the greater scheme of things, this will be forgotten, especially when you see how much oil just went up today. :(

NOTE: I did private LJ messages  (think that's what they're called) to folks who asked about obtaining the photos, as you can get them. If you didn't get an email, go to USER INFO and click on "Send This User a message." :)

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