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Ah, some good news at last

I dare say, I think the evil incarnation of Knight RIder is toast...

Variety today reviewed KNIGHT RIDER. The review, I feel, is probably the best thing about the series! Read it and laugh J


The "Knight Rider" revival movie set the bar low in terms of expectations, and damned if the series premiere still doesn't go skidding under it. Frankly, this convoluted hour sent me scurrying to NBC's website looking for clarification about the plot, but -- whew, what a relief -- there really isn't much of one. As constituted the program does have a decidedly retro flair, existing largely to push Ford cars (which could use the push), while stripping its characters down to underwear and skin-tight tops at every turn. As strategies go, this one could use a lube job.


Those with time to kill or a masochistic tendency can read the full review at http://www.variety.com/review/VE1117938461.html?categoryid=31&cs=1

Meanwhile, apparently the ratings tanked, "stalling" , with a 2.4 rating/7 share, which apparently is not good. I'm sure once this junker is taken off the scrapyard, we'll get repeats of a reality show though. But, oh, Criminal Minds was a blast (literally).

Okay, it's not nice to chortle over the demise of a TV show, but, really, what were they thinking? it's nothing like the original show. Why not just write something original? Oh wait, this is Hollywood. Originality doesn't really exist out there :(
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