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New PC monitor (sorta)

Oooh, new computer monitor! Well, it's old, but new. Sibling brought one home from work - they're ditching all the big CRT monitors - went to flat screen - so for a nomimal fee, got a 19" sucker that ....  oh dear, will the cat fit on top? Oh well, tough luck. Just looked, yeah, he can fit on the top, rain cat fur into the guts so he ruins it like the one a few years ago.

Anyway, finally have nice color again so piccies I take with the digital cameras, and woohee! That desktop image of the new SGA promo shot of the gang in jeans looks very nice now:):)

Nothing new otherwise. Watched several horror flicks last night, figuring, I'm paying for these blasted channels, gonna watch 'em.
House of 1,000 Corpses - gawdawful. If you remove the 'f' word, not much dialogue left, except the screaming. I coudl swear the first guy they offed was the geeky guy with glasses from The Office. Shown on IFC.
May - about a society-challenged young woman who just can't seem to make friends, so, after a while, she simply kills people she knows and makes up her own friend. Shown on IFC.
Wolf Creek - best of the three, if just for the wonderful footage of the outback, but yet again, another whacko in the middle of nowhere who abducts tourists, etc., who are never seen again, and he has tons of car, luggage, etc. (I mean, if you watch all these horror films, there must be dozens of these whackos around??) Anyway, unlike the other two films above, someone actually survives this one.

And on the non-horror flicks, watched most of THe Island with Ewan McGregor, and hey, remember that scene in SGA's "Common Ground" where Kolya captures Shep by harpooning him? Must have gotten it off this flick as the bad guy harpoons Ewan's character, but really gets him. I mean, these barbs went into him. Screams, writhing, etc. Good whump.

Since network TV is pretty lame these nights, I'm paying more attention to actually trying to catch all the Halloween / horror flicks I've missed.

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