wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Darn, $100 and an iPod down the drain

Well, I suppose I could have filled out the surveys, but in the end it would be rather obvious I had no idea what I was talking about.... the 4gig iPod was what you got for filling out a survey on NPT on rigs (aka, non-productive time on automated oil rigs). Since I have no oil rigs, the questions got... confusing. Secondly, another trade paper wanted me to tell them all about managing ad sales on cable television. Alas, just a mere viewer, so there's $100 I can't grab. Darn.

Meanwhile, finished the book Head Case, which was definitely a fascinating study of brain injuries, traumatic and otherwise. Apparently there are some states which suck in treating injuries, and others which excel. And when I returned the book to the library, I saw the spider book back on the shelf (what? nobody wants to read about creepy crawlies so close to Halloween?) and then spied Manic, a book on bipolar disorder, so since I seem to be on an odd run of reading books on brains, I grabbed it, as well as Bastard Tongues, what appears to be a fascinating look into language differences.

Gonna fiddle with Filezille tonight to download websites AOL is gonna trash (I realized I've been using their websites since... oh, 2000? long time!)
Tags: books, misc
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