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Before AOL Hometown websites are razed, how to save your files

For any AOL members who must remove large quantities of FTP files, Filezilla is great! (and thanks to the folks who recommended it to me).

First, download Filezilla. Easy enough to do. I took it off http://filezilla-project.org/ - choose Download Filezilla Client. Very easy to install.

Second, on the C drive, I made a folder for each AOL address (just called ‘em FILEZILLA-[screename] as well, I had over 800 files to move! It takes HTML, jpgs, the works.

Open Filezilla via the icon that will pop up on your desktop, the easiest way I found (as instructions for AOL seem few and far between), type in the following:

You’ll see the following across the top

Under HOST: members.aol.com/[your screenname]
USERNAME: Type in ‘anonymous’
PASSWORD: Type in your email address (same as screenname used in HOST)
PORT (I left it blank)
Click on Quickconnect

And it worked (took several tries to get the correct combination). It’s very easy. You can actually find instructions all over the web (I used version 3.1, so make sure you get instructions for same) on how to transfer from AOL. Also, go to YouTube. There are tutorials. Once I get a new host, then I'll figure out how to upload files ;)

I also found one site that did mention the AOL debacle.


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