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Ooh, new big fat David Hewlett interview!



Stargate Information Archive's Linz and Abbey were lucky enough to chat with Stargate Atlantis actor David Hewlett about wrapping up Stargate Atlantis (as well as SG-1!) for the season and his new and upcoming movie A Dog's Breakfast in which he talks about his directorial debut and all that comes with it, the distribution process and how fun it is to watch co-star Paul McGillion get hit over the head multiple times.

This interview was conducted on October 6, 2006. An audio version will be available soon!

After greeting David Hewlett, Abbey (moderator Kuwdora) and myself (Linz) got into the questions.

Linz: Is there anything about season 3 of Stargate Atlantis that we haven't seen yet, in the second half, that you can tell us.

David Hewlett: *laughs* Everyone wants to know what's going on in season 3 for some reason. It's really bizarre, nobody wants to watch the show, they want me to explain it instead. Things that I can say? Well what episode are you up to now?

Abbey: "The Return Part One"

*full interview at link above*

This is a nice big interview, and it's only part one! Definitely something any DH fan should check out :)
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