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This and that...

First, just read on a trade magazine that SciFi (aka Skiffy) is spinning off Ghost Hunters: The College Edition. Yes! We can now have a bunch of college students, who probably should be studying for future employment (unless of course, they're majoring in finance, and well, that market is toast). Sigh, just how many 'ghost hunting' shows do we need??

Oh, and ER may get extended to 22 episodes instead of 19 episodes for its final season.

Oh, oh, LiveJournal entry recommendation!  Check out forhttp://shaddyr.livejournal.com/221377.html for a fun action figure story featuring Sheppard and McKay visiting Bridge Studios!

Gah, the cat just chewed a hole in his butt again (anal glands). This has happened a few times before and if it doesn't heal up by the weekend, it's off to the vet to get pills he hates. But 9 times out of 10, it seems to heal okay on its own. Oh wait, was that too much information? The joys of a being a cat owner.. Also had to mow part of the lawn to get rid of the leaves, and noticed, oh, Zombie Bambi's remains are still on the log pile. Thinking of perhaps using the skull for a Halloween door decoration...

And finally signed up to do the New Jersey Creation Con (Cherry Hill, NJ, Nov 7-9) Stargate convention (David Nykl, Jason Momoa, Kavan Smith and others and I could so hope they sign up someone else like Joe or David, but probably not). Anyway, big chunk of change but figure, my last hurrah con-wise as I don't see doing much next year since I must replace the aging duct-taped car...

A woman in Tokyo, who was divorced by her husband without her knowledge,got totally pissed and then went and killed her husband, and the police arrested her! I mean, really? Why? You see, she didn't kill her actual husband, in fact, she killed an avatar in an online game and they arrested her (the guy who made that avatar complained to the cops, who busted her and took her 620 miles to another jail!). Aieee, weird. They're charging her with hacking or something. Wow, those online games are *tough*.

And then there's William Shatner's YouTube video ranting on about George Takei. Aieee....
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