wraithfodder (wraithfodder) wrote,

Darned windows (as in glass)

Today I was walking through the parking lot at work, dodging bits and pieces of trees, pine cones, etc., the usual stuff that comes down in the fall, when I spotted this mobile green thing. Upon closer examination, I saw it was a tiny tiny bird. Poor thing! Looks like it flew into one of the many wonderfully shiny reflecting-the-sky windows and then hit the parking lot. Seeing as how it was right in the path of oncoming traffic if someone came into the lot, I put it in a yard near the parking lot. It didn't seem to mind all that much as it seemed dazed. I stuck it next to a fallen branch and leaves, as it was pretty windy and very chilly. Couldn't do much more so came back before lunch hour ended and it was looking better. I put my finger down to touch it and it tried to bite me, so that was promising (I was wearing gloves). Checked at end of day and there was no sign of the bird, so I'd like to think it recovered and flew off and didn't get eaten by any prowilng tabbies. Anyway, here's a picture of the little fellow. Not sure of the species.

UPDATE: This little is a Connecticut warbler! You can find a clearer shot here.
Tags: critters
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