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CSI: Pumpkin, or Zombie Bambi Returns!

A ghostly visage seen inside the house tonight!

Well, every year we do a little Halloween setup. Drag the skeleton out of the closet, etc., stick it in a chair. Ah, wish I'd had a Bear Stearns cap or something to put on its  head. Adults appreciate that warped sense of humor, although some of the kids were like "ooooh!" when they saw the skeleton.

The skeleton, covered with fake cobwebs and some new spiders. That, or it's someone waiting for their 401K to rebuild itself.

The porch, complete with green cobwebs!

Should be green, but oh well, sorta ghostly, eh?

Crime scene tape a friend gave me a few years ago. Finally, a use! :)


The squirrels chewed up the pumpkin, so, since I couldn't quite carve it the way I wanted, I just drew up some eyes and stuck 'em in with pins.

The pumpkin seems unsure...

Possibly cuz Zombie Bambi has left the safety of the woodpile to come back to the front yard.

Fuller shot.

And that's it. A few times when I opened the door (after doorbell rang), I found kids clustered around studying it, and then I'd tell them that oh yes, it's real bones, coyotes killed the poor deer.. One kid said it was the best set-up he'd seen all night! :)

And oh yes, that g hostly visage in the first shot? Took a shot of the cat on the stairs. Forgot to turn on the flash.
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