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Halloween at Stargate Atlantis, sorta: Action Figure Theater

Of course the Stargate Atlantis action figures had to get into the Halloween experience, even if it was sorta after. Regrettably, what is there to do with a chewed-up pumpkin but to sacrifice it to the wild tree rodents?? Chockful of weak special effects and a so-so plot, but hey, you do get a movie!

Rodney: “Great, now Woolsey is gonna get ticked off we let something attack Atlantis’ only pumpkin.”
Sheppard: “It’s not the end of the world. I’ll have Lorne just paint it over.”

Regrettably, Lorne is still waiting to be turned into an action figure, so nobody is around to guard the valuable pumpkin, which is further nibbled on.

And a little paint ain’t gonna fix THIS hole!

Rodney: “We are SOOOO dead! Look at it!”
Sheppard: “Um, er, we’ll say a Wraith attacked it.”
Rodney: “Are you insane??" 
Sheppard: "Yeah, you're right. Giant mutant moon mice would sound better."
(Insert sound of Rodney smacking his head into the side of the pumpkin) 

Atlantis’ high-tech camera captures the culprit. A giant evil (but somewhat cute) squirrel!
Sheppard (off-camera): “I hear they’re good cooked.”
Rodney (off-camera): “Of course pumpkins are. Haven’t you ever had pumpkin pie?”
Sheppard (off-camera): “I was talking about the squirrel.”
Rodney (off-camera): “That is disgusting.”

Video #1 of brazen suburban squirrel attacking the pumpkin, which has already been mostly gutted (darn, missed that while I was out shopping, of course).

Video #2 of the squirrel going in for the kill (really, he goes into the pumpkin!)

And that’s it!

Tags: action figures, stargate atlantis, video
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