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Stargate Atlantis: "Remnants" (Yes, spoilers)

A little dissection of the episode. Full of spoilers, etc. etc.

Okey-doke.... "Remnants." I'd say that the Woolsey story was the main story, and I think I saw Teyla and Ronon. Ah yes, they were at breakfast, twice. Darn. Anyway, being a Shep whumper the Shep story was what I was fascinated by... loved Sheppard's "Lorne warned me about you" to Dr. Parrish (and I can only guess he took the trip to the mainland because he was interested in the female scientist who was babbling away about plants?

But the whump. I really sorta thought, being a bloodthirsty whumper *cough cough* that hey, you hack off a hand, and unless you superglued or plastic-wrapped the stump, there's going to be some bleedthrough. Ack! And while Kolya was using Sheppard's face as a punching bag, I heard from another part of the "oh, there goes a xygomoid (or whatever) bone". Ah, watching whump with an EMS worker is... interesting! ;) Then hearing about blood loss and shock.

Personally, I would have loved a lot more on Shep, and hey, the fans have nailed it on the head with Shep beating himself up. I can now hope to (please please please) wallow in some great fanfic to flesh out that part. I mean, the psychological repercussions should be there. Woolsey, well, he'll probably wonder who's he's talking to and if they're real, and the fact that Zelenka wasn't real was good. I hadn't really thought that!

Some of the editing was chopping. On Atlantis, a few seconds of Sheppard walkling and then back to the control room and it was like "whhaaa???"  I would have loved for this to have been a purely Shep episode, but well, guess beggar's can't be choosers.
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