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NJ 2008 Stargate Convention 2/5: Chuck Campbell

Chuck Campbell definitely entertained the masses J


Up early for no good reason other than internal alarm clock woke me up for work. Believe we bundled off to Wegman’s where ‘brunch’ was grabbed and eaten there. I recall doing Chinese and WWLH was doing strange things and I have photographic evidence! I also brought along my laptop so was able to check email, websites and watch SciFi’s “Remnants” ad on their site since the “Prodigal” viewing we saw did not include ‘next week’s episode.’ Oh, to have seen Shep whump on the big screen!

Just as chipper and entertaining as the night before. He looked at the banner and his photo and said “Now, if you saw this guy waiting for a bus…” and joked about the wide-eyed stare.

He’s a big baseball fan – Red Sox – specifically.

He said he didn’t really act on Stargate, considering how little he had to do, but alas, it looks like Chuck the Technician is out and Amelia Banks is in, so we’ve seen the last of him (although he was in “Remnants” – very funny scene!).

“Sanctuary” – he played a two-faced character. He had the weird prothestics on all day (a face on the back of his head) and other actors were avoiding him as he’d forgotten all about it (as the other face is really weird). The direction told him to just “be you”, which is really tough to do, so he got to do what he wanted.

He said his favorite Stargate SG-1 is the episode he was in (but he couldn’t recall the name).

Favorite Stargate Atlantis was one of the “Siege” episodes, because he got to wear the tac vest! Otherwise he always wore the jacket and never zipped it up, because if he did, the way it was designed made it look like he had a pot belly. His favorite episode to watch is “The Real World” where he said “she showed her goods” which of course had the audience in stitches and he quickly corrected to “show her talents.”

Why was Stargate Atlantis cancelled? Finance. He said the producers had a lackadaisical attitude, just came downstairs, said they were cancelled and went back upstairs. However, they’re loyal to the crew, who will get first chance to work on Stargate Universe. While the crew were calling their wives, the actors were calling their agents. At the end of the fifth season, all the actors would renegotiate and of course, the salaries would go up, so the studios find it cheaper to just can them and get in cheaper unknown actors.

Chuck’s backstory… He’d make stuff up for himself. He’d thought, maybe he’d worked in communications on a submarine, but at a con a fan (who’d either been in the military or was very knowledgeable) kept shooting down those ideas, so Chuck has decided that Chuck the Technician was a ninja. Liked the idea of Chuck rappelling down in the tac vest. A space ninja!

Last name? He recalled a poll on a website and liked the name Wolf. As for his rank, it kept changing.

Said he was happy that a one-day job turned into 44 episodes.

“Sanctuary.” Thinks it’s going somewhere. He’s not sure if he’ll be back on it but hopes so. Maybe as a lizard boy or something (and later on, a fan said they’d actually been in a ‘lizard boy’ costume). Chuck said being in prothestics is sort of liberating. He talked about the technology being used on the show. How the red camera goes into the hard drive and they get immediate results, almost like a video game in some respects.

Once he played Pinocchio in a play, and didn’t realize that you had to use spirit gum remover to his prothestic nose and instead used something else, so when he took off the nose after each successive day, his own nose looked horrible, and he scared the kids. Said his nose looked like Karl Malden’s.

They used to film scenes in the old Norco facility. “The Stargate SG-1 sets are on eBay,” he joked, as now “Sanctuary” has taken over the building.

Used to work at Canadian Tire, which is a hardware store of sorts. A buddy of there was in a local theater program and never had any money for pop (soda) so they’d pay him if he’d do some dialogue for him and soon Chuck decided he’d try it out.

He mentioned how much he liked Frank Caliendo (an impersonator) who does fantastic impressions.

The only stunt he’d ever done was in the “Jason X” movie, which of course, was set in space. He had to slide under a door that was shutting from the top. The actors were told that if the door is at a line marked halfway down, not to do it as the door wouldn’t stop but would hit them. Chuck managed to slide under but once under on the other side, his pants caught on the grating and tore, and he didn’t realize as when he stood up, half his butt (sans clothing) was hanging out.

Said that he loves the scifi cons and it’s the only genre that really has cons, as “you don’t see ‘Gossip Girl’ cons.” … He loved working with Torri Higginson. Said Kavan Smith is “the cool guy.” A natural actor in front of the camera. … David Hewlett had a party at his place. Paul McGillion is like “the mayor of Vancouver.” Everybody seems to know him! Said that Rachel Luttrell lives nearby so she asked him to watch her place, water the plants while she was away. He went over and there was a security alarm he set off when he punched in the security code but he got it straightened out but never told her what happened.

Okay, have something in my notes about “the hamster face.” Ah, okay Salty tells me was to do with the Crazy Hamster on YouTube, and that he was told to do Crazy Hamster all the time on the set.

Hamster Video:

He always wanted to do a western, with the gun and the hat and not having to take a bath for weeks. He auditioned for the ”Lonesome Dove” TV series and when asked how his horse-riding skills were, he said “I can drive a horse,” at which time he saw that role just flit away.

He did a World War II movie shot in a graveyard, which was really, really creepy as you had all these actors in Nazi soldiers uniforms with guard dogs and it was night and there were shadows. He played a dying soldier lying in the mud.

Talked about he had worked on a script with a friend, but it remains unsold … How Canadians use PVRs (personal video recorders) and that is changing how people watch TV … He did a MacDonald’s commercial once and some bigwig MacDonald’s person came up to him and gave him a “free for life” meal card – he could get one MacDonald’s meal a day forever – and in turn he gave it to a homeless guy. He also said once, he and a friend came out a pizza place with spare pieces, and asked a homeless guy if he wanted it and he said ‘only in Vancouver’ would a homeless guy be picky and ask “is it vegetarian?”

In “Midway,” when Chuck was playing bookie during the fight scene, Joe Flanigan ad-libbed the part where Sheppard takes the money back from Chuck. He also said the fight was cringe-worthy as Judge and Momoa would hit each other occasionally and you’d hear it. The bookie scene was also Chuck’s idea.

Would he actually go through the gate? “In a heartbeat!”

He took his nephew to the aquarium to see the beluga whale, and the floor there is lit from below. Anyway, the whale does something really really neat and Chuck is all excited but his 4-year-old nephew is like “the floor glows.” ;)

If he could have one of the two, which would he choose – that the Yankee never win again, or go back on Stargate? He chose the Yankees never winning again!

A fan gave him a Red Sox T-shirt for his favorite player and he was very happy with it and donned it for the rest of the talk.

Has he ever had a line he couldn’t do? He did, but can’t remember it, and couldn’t remember it when he had to do it on Stargate either. At that point, someone in the audience left and Chuck humorously yelled “a Yankee fan!” Anyway, he said it’s difficult when you have a word or two and have to listen to someone else talk and sometimes you forget to say your line, as Jason once did, and then David Hewlett would make a disgruntled noise.

Once, he was in theater, in a dramatic scene in which his character is shooting a pellet gun. The sounds are all done off-stage. Anyway, he put the gun down before he should have and two more shots rang out – and then the audience broke out laughing – and to try to salvage the scene, he remarked “forgot to put on the safety.”

He said that in green situations, you talk to a tennis ball on a stand (the tennis ball is so the actors don’t walk into it and poke out an eye or something) and the blue glow of the gate was done with light reflected off of Mylar, so when Chuck did the activation, it actually happened after he said ‘gate locked’ (or whatever)

Practical jokes. The regulars did it more often as they had job security, but if you’re “lower on the call sheet,” no. But the crew did like to pull pranks on him, from the font guy sending pornographic photos to the laptop Chuck had to look at while filming, to the keyboard keys being rearranged into rude comments, and drinks? You always keep them close to you! ;) Some crew would use Zap-a-Gap, a glue and he’d been glued to a set once.

He talked about how Joe Flanigan had to film the scene on the pier for “The Shrine,” and they’d brought in some Heineken beer but he was like, oh, he can’t be seen drinking that as his family is connected to Anheiser-Busch. “No, that’s not gonna work.” He made a call and this big guy just came in with a pallet of Budweiser. “Where have you been all of the parties of my life? Joe picks up his Apple phone and all of a sudden there’s a pallet of beer rolling in. He was a popular guy that day!”

Beer video:

Missing your lines:

Chuck Campbell

3:10PM - CHUCK CAMPBELL photo op
Didn’t do it. Maybe next time. Oh hmm, if there is one!

Next up, Kavan Smith!


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