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Friday Night Television...

First, spoilers for November 14th's Ghost Whisperer, Stargate Atlantis and Sanctuary...

Watching TV with a family member who works EMS can be ... interesting.

First, I'm watching Ghost Whisperer and alas, missed the episode the week before where the writers bumped off the paramedic hubby. I hear a voice from the couch (where sick EMS worker relative is coughing and watching TV). "He's dead? When did that happen? Why did they kill him? Well, that is a risk of the job...." etc. etc. Alas, I have NO idea why they bumped off the guy, except that he and er, oh, can't recall her name, wanted to have a baby. KISS OF DEATH. No happy families allowed on drama shows

Next up was Stargate Atlantis, where everytime Kolya beat up on Sheppard, or whacked off his hand, I'd get the medical view of what we really should have seen. Basically, had the writers done it correctly, it would have been a Shep whumpers squee-filled episode of bruises, broken bones and bloody stumps.

But then "Sanctuary" came on, and well, that's when it was "How could they malign Nicholas Tesla like that?!" You see, Tesla was a real person, the guy who made electricity as we use it now possible (sorry, forgot the entire long story) but well, I'm afraid "Sanctuary" lost one fan that way - I think the phrase was "What idiots wrote this show?" or word to that effect.;).
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