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Weird medical stuff (squick warning)

In the weird medical news category, tripped over this URL while poking around a science news site.

I've heard of this kind of stuff being done, but it's still -- WEIRD! -- and if amputation images squick you, don't go to the link. "Amputated Arm stitched to Groin. " I kid you not. Details and graphic medical images at http://www.unboundedmedicine.com/2006/10/12/limb-to-crotch/

And oh heck, might as well get all the squicky news in one post. Maggot juice! Coming to a store near you! Well, no, not really, but the maggot juice is real.


Scientists at the Bradford Unversity in England are modifying an ancient technique used before WW II, when penicilin became popular. Maggots! But instead of applying actual maggots, the scientists developed a new wound dressing impregnated with purified excretions and secretions from live greenbottle blowfly larvae. The researchers tested their prototype dressings against layers of human and mouse cells grown on lab dishes, which were scratched to simulate wounding. They found the dressing markedly accelerated closure of the wounds. The maggots produce juices that kill bacteria, thus preventing infection. Antibiotics pretty much put maggots out of favor, but now there are wounds that just don't heal with antibiotics, so they break out the bugs, er, larvae.

Cool stuff.

Tags: emergency medicine
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